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Ben Pask

Ben is the Founder of Rare:, a data company that provides business intelligence products that are powered by technology and designed by research experts. Ben’s background is in Psychology research and business strategy. He now heads up Rare’s healthcare offering, working with some of the biggest manufacturers and healthcare providers in obesity, rare disease, dermatology, immunology and aesthetics.

Talk Overview

Unveiling Opportunities: Navigating Latest Trends in the UK Medical Aesthetics Market, amongst other clinics

The UK Aesthetics market is changing at a rapid pace, and providers want to keep on top of the latest trends. This talk will provide healthcare practitioners with an in-depth overview of the latest trends shaping the market. By examining the changing dynamics of treatments offered at a clinic level over the past year. Practitioners will gain valuable insights into some of the latest trends to think about, when positioning their services and drive practice growth in this evolving landscape.