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Dr Xavier Goodarzian

Dr Xavier MD(Hons) MRCGP DipClinDerm PGCCosMed MBCAM

Dr Xavier has been full-time in cosmetic medicine for 16 years with his clinic in Southampton and more recently in Harley Street. He is also a regular lecturer and trainer at conferences and trainings throughout the UK and Europe and a key opinion leader for a number of industry suppliers.


Talk Overview

Creating the Perfect Smile
This is a presentation for Stylage from Vivacy 

In this presentation we will look at the patented IPN-like technology of Vivacy’s HA products that allow long lasting results in highly mobile areas of the face. 

We will look at the anatomy of the lips to increase our knowledge and improve safety while injecting lips. 

The two different products specifically designed for lip treatments will be discussed and examples of results will be shown.