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Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani

Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani is a Professor, Scientist, Immunologist and Founder and President of one of the world’s leading cosmeceutical skincare lines, AQ Skin Solutions.

His work began at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, where he completed a diploma in Medical Science. From here he followed to study his BS in Medical Science at the University of San Francisco, his master’s degree in Biotechnology and Medical Microbiology at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and completed his PhD in Immunology at the University of California.

Dr Al-Qahtani began working with the medical application of Growth Factors to heal wounded tissue and create artificial skin grafts. The results he found were extraordinary, which lead him to create AQ Skin Solutions.

He is Professor at UAE University College of Medicine and Health and visiting Professor at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine. He is also an Assistant Professor with the faculty of medicine at United Arab Emirates University, in which he was recognised for his service to education and was awarded for his ‘Excellence in Teaching’.

Dr Al-Qahtani is also a longstanding member of the American Association of Immunologists and has gone on to publish and contribute to ten medical journals, and in 2014 wrote his attributing book, ‘The Real World Skin Solutions’.

Session Abstract

Dr Ahmed Al-Qahtani will discuss the symptoms that many women experience related to vaginal dryness. A silent condition that many women feel embarrassed to share with their partners, friends and even doctors.

Extremely common during pre-menopause and post-menopausal years, vaginal dryness is a hallmark sign of vaginal atrophy - the inflammation and thinning of the vaginal wall due to a decline in estrogen. Along with vaginal dryness, many women also experience itching and stinging around the vaginal opening and in the lower third of the vagina.

Dr Al-Qahtani will discuss the use of Growth Factors to rejuvenate vaginal function, eliminating any uncomfortable feelings.