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Dr Bhavjit Kaur

Dr Bhavjit Kaur is a qualified medical practitioner since 1993 with over 12 years’ experience in aesthetic medicine. She is a postgraduate in pathology, MS (biomedical sciences), DRCOG, DFSRH, cosmetic medicine and clinical education.

Dr Kaur is an appointed appraiser and mentor for BCAM members. She has contributed to medical journals as an author and reviewer. Dr Kaur is also frequently invited as a speaker at national and international conferences. As patient safety remains her priority, she focuses on latest advances in all aspects of non-surgical treatments and skincare.

Dr Kaur’s areas of expertise include treatments such as wrinkle-relaxing injections, non-surgical face, hand and decolletage lift with dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatments. fat-dissolving Injections, weight loss, skin consultations & minor operations. She has a special interest in treating skin of colour.

Dr Kaur was shortlisted as ‘Proactive Doctor of the Year’ at the Safety in Beauty 2016 Diamond Awards. She has won Best Business Award 2016 for “Outstanding Personal Achievement”. She has also been awarded for her research work. She believes aesthetic medicine is a continuous journey and the goal is to strive for clinical excellence.

Talk Overview

Treating Pigmentation with Efficacious Skincare

Dr Kaur will discuss the efficacy of at-home skincare on skin concerns such as pigmentation across a variety of skin types from fitzpatrik 1-6. She will discuss the features and benefits of key ingredients and their effects oon the skin including THD Ascorbate, MelaPATH™ technology and Cysteamine.