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Professor Benoit Hendrickx


Prof. Dr. Benoit Hendrickx is associate professor in plastic surgery at the Brussels University Hospital (UZ Brussel) and has several private practices.  He is a keynote speaker on many international conferences on facial anatomy and technology.

He is founder of Augmented Anatomy and board member of the Royal Belgian Society of Plastic Surgery (RBSPS), a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), the European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS) and the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS).

Talk Overview

A completely non-invasive way to visualize individual arterial anatomy in Augmented Reality, reducing risk on complications with fillers and toxin

We developed a ground breaking technology that visualizes the individual arterial anatomy of any patient in Augmented reality, based on a one time, contrast free, MRI scan, allowing any practitioner to see the arterial anatomy of the patient on an iPhone. Besides avoiding intra-arterial filler injection and subsequent skin necrosis and blindness, this technology allows to significantly reduce bruising rates and injection pain with filler injections. We also discuss the major anatomical reason for levator ptosis with toxin injections and how to avoid this complication.