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Lorna Bowes

Lorna Bowes is an experienced business owner, aesthetic nurse and trainer, having worked in aesthetics since the early 1990s. With extensive experience of delivering aesthetic procedures as well as an in-depth understanding of the global aesthetic medical market, she trains and lectures regularly on procedures and business management in aesthetics.

Lorna specialises in cosmetic and medical skincare, treatments and peels. Lorna was a founding member of the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses and a Consulting Editor to the Journal of Aesthetic Medicine and she is the CEO of leading professional skincare distribution company, AestheticSource. Lorna loves leading the team, watching the ‘family’ develop, stretching their skills and working closely with the company’s customers with a focus on trust, authenticity and passion, to support business growth for partner clinics in aesthetics and beauty.

Talk Overview

The relationship between leading a team and business success  

There are stories abound of trendy offices where there are slides not stairs, where gyms and meditation spaces come before meeting rooms. However there is more to leading a happy team than providing a relaxation space, and with the weight of research pointing to happiness within teams leading to increasing productivity and reduced sickness absence, now is a great time to review ideas on team cohesion and business success. Drawing on 10 years’ experience as CEO of AestheticSource and previous experience including leading a team at Q-Med UK Ltd and 8 years running The Bowes Clinics delivering aesthetic treatments around the UK from 1996 to 2004 when the company was successfully sold, Lorna will spark ideas and present both concepts and tools designed to encourage collaboration, flow, team happiness and ultimately, as we all want, fiscal rewards.