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Dr Judith Todd

Dr Judy Todd MBChB FRCA is a consultant anaesthetist who started practicing cosmetic medicine sixteen years ago. Judy became aware early on of the limitations of injectables alone and became interested in combination treatments in order to obtain optimal, natural results.

She introduced Fractora and Forma (Invasix) into her practice nine years ago for skin resurfacing and tightening.

This technology has now evolved and Judy now has a special interest in performing FaceTite, BodyTite and more recently Morpheus 8. Combination treatments offer a real alternative to excisional surgery for many patients.


Talk Overview

Rejuvenation & Resurfacing using Radio Frequency in combination with Skincare

Examples and an overview of the rejuvenation  benefits of combining RF technology for skin and subdermal tightening with the use of topical Vitamin A preparations and hydroquiones when indicated.