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Dr Nichola Conlon

Dr Nichola Conlon is a molecular biologist specialising in the study of cellular ageing. After a career in drug development, Dr Nichola Conlon founded Nuchido Laboratories to deliver disruptive innovation in the field of ageing, rejuvenation and healthspan. 

Dr Nichola Conlon has a passion for sharing the latest science and is an accomplished speaker, with a skill for translating advanced science to help educate and support the wider population, encouraging people to age well and achieve their optimal life experience. 

Talk Overview

Menopause & Ageing and the role of NAD+

Do you know why menopause causes brain fog?  Or why hormones have such a huge impact on energy levels? Although the conversation surrounding menopause has increased, there is still a lack of understanding about what is happening inside the body to cause these symptoms. Dr Nichola will join us to talk about “the science behind the symptoms” and more importantly, how a cellular molecule called NAD+ can be used to help manage these symptoms.