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Dr Nina Bal

Dr Nina Bal is a cosmetic dental surgeon and advanced facial aesthetics clinician who in 2008 graduated at the top of her year with distinction (BDS magna cum laude) and gained a highly respected diploma after completing a one-year Postgraduate in Cosmetic Dentistry and Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry in London.

A member of the General Dental Council she is also a member of bcam, save face, IAFFA and JCCP.

You might recognize her from tv as Dr Nina is the official cosmetic dentist in the Series 2 of the UK tv show Bodyfixers and from This Morning show.


Talk Overview

Treating the Upper Face

Mask wearing during Covid-19 pandemic has definitely shifted our attention to our upper face more than ever before .

A non surgical complete approach of how to address ageing - process throughout the skin layers