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Dr Paul Myers



Paul Myers original background was as an NHS General Practitioner, when he also pursued his interest in doctor’s education needs assessment, and held a senior lecturer post with QMW. 

He now provides appraisal services to a wide range of designated bodies, and also acts as Clinical Lead for the British College Aesthetic Medicine, for whom he managers the BCAM appraisal scheme. 

His clinical interests include the use of medical lasers and the quality assurance of appraisal and revalidation processes.

BCAM Presentation

His presentation at the BCAM virtual conference, 2020,  includes an update on how appraisals are proceeding this year in light of the current pandemic. 

He will also cover issues around having appraisals by videoconference as opposed to face-to-face meetings.

This will be followed by an update about remote working.

This applies to not only appraisal meetings but also for  the doctor patient interaction when this is not face-to-face. 

Finally there will be a review of its some specific issues around using Zoom as a platform for a videoconference meetings.