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Dr Steven Land

Dr Steven Land MBBS MRCEM is an aesthetic doctor with 10 years experience of creating award winning, natural results at his clinic - novellus aesthetics - in Newcastle. 

His unique 1:1 training and bespoke mentoring days are helping to develop the next generation of aesthetic practitioners. His background in emergency medicine has seen him develop an interest in complication management and he’s developed a support group for 750+ practitioners across the north east and beyond. 

He is a KOL for Neauvia and Nuceiva and brand ambassador for Nuchido.

Talk Overview

Ageing is a Disease

“Disease – any harmful deviation from the normal structural or functional state of an organism, generally associated with certain signs and symptoms.” 

By any common definition ageing is a disease state. Yet we continue to treat it as an inevitable consequence of continuing to be alive. The sooner the medical establishment sees and treats ageing as a disease the sooner we will treat the major risk factor for cancer, heart disease, frailty, Alzheimers and many other diseases. 

In this talk we will consider the causes of ageing, the so-called hallmarks of ageing – their origins and what can be done to slow and even reverse them – now and in the future.