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Dr Vincent Wong

Dr. Vincent Wong is one of London’s leading cosmetic doctors.

He is trained in advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments and is a specialist in facial balancing and harmony. Dr Vincent has won a number of awards for his work and has been shortlisted as one of the Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetics Leaders. He is also on the judging panel for Miss Universe Great Britain as well as My Face My Body Awards (UK & USA).

In addition, Dr. Vincent has a special interest in facial masculinisation and feminisation for the LGBTQ+ community and has treated many transgender patients and drag performers.

Dr Vincent is actively involved in research and has over 35 scientific publications, including the first scientific paper on the use of non-surgical cosmetic treatments in transgender patients.

He often presents his work and research at national and international conferences.

Dr. Vincent is often sought after for his expert opinion and has featured in a number of popular press (Vogue, Forbes, Grazia and Tatler) and on various television channels including BBC and ITV.

He has also appeared on various radio chat shows.

Talk Overview

Addressing the aesthetic needs of transgender patients
There are over a million transgender people, at different stages of the transition process, living in the United Kingdom. However, their facial aesthetics needs are not fully established in the medical literature. Historically, the clinical management of transgender patients has been limited to endocrinologists, surgeons and mental health specialists. There are no guidelines for the timing of facial feminisation/masculinisation, although individuals are recommended to go on hormonal therapy and live in a gender-congruent role for at least 12 months prior to surgical intervention. As facial changes are most imperative on their list of aesthetic needs, this session will focus on how non-surgical treatments could have a tremendous impact on transgender individuals who seek to realise their gender identity.