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Welcome to the BCAM 2021 Conference Frequently Asked Questions area.

Here we hope to answer your most common questions about the Conference.

This year we have decided to hold another virtual conference due to the ongoing restrictions placed on us by the global pandemic of COVID-19. 

As a charity with an emphasis on education, we felt it was important to still deliver the conference to our members and a virtual platform was the most appropriate format. 

We also understand how busy you are now being back in clinic full time so a virtual event seemed appropriate at this time. 

All presentations/sessions will be available for delegates to watch after the live event in the Attendees Area of the website for up to 2 weeks after the event.

Simply register here and fill out the form to register to attend. You will recieve an email closer to the event with your login details.

Simply login with the username and password in the email and you will access your personalised landing page. You will also be able to join the Seminars when they are about to start. 

You will also have access to useful resources, the discussion form and also the Presentations to view of the events.

Any questions, please get in contact.